Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Helps Make Your Devices a Bit Less Gross

Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Helps Make Your Devices a Bit Less Gross

Let’s face it, our mobile devices, computers, and basically everything we touch is a teeming cesspool of germs and bacteria. And don’t get me started on what might be on your kids’ hands. UGH! At best, all you have to deal with are a few boogers, at worst…

Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Helps Make Your Devices a Bit Less Gross


WHOOSH! claims the device cleaning angle was discovered by accident:

We originally launched in 2011 as a car-cleaning product; however that all changed when our CEO Jason Greenspan accidentally spilt it onto his iPad. When he wiped it off, the screen looked brand new! That’s when we realized the endless possibilities. So, in 2013 we pivoted our focus on creating the Tech Hygiene category!

The company sent us a sample of their device cleaner solution, complete with a antimicrobial treated polishing cloth, for us to try out, so we spent some time cleaning our iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which all see daily use, yes, sometimes even during a potty break.

First, we tried it on the screen of our MacBook Pro. I have no idea as to how the smudges, and unidentifiable coffee-like substances wind up on the MacBook’s screen, but it may have to do with the user’s tendency to eat breakfast at his desk, while also indulging in his love of chocolate in all forms.

A quick spray of the WHOOSH! solution on the supplied microfiber cloth, (never spray anything directly on your Mac’s or devices’ screens), a bit of wiping on the screen with said cloth, and there is a noticeable difference, as seen below.

Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Helps Make Your Devices a Bit Less Gross

Cleaning trials with our iPhone and iPad Pro resulted in similar results. The screens sparkled with just a bit of effort, and looked as shiny as the day I took them out of their respective boxes. WHOOSH! says the solution also helps prevent fingerprints, and I have noticed there seem to be less smudges and such on my iOS device screens than before.


While WHOOSH! is priced a little dearly, ($10 USD for a 1oz. spray bottle and a microfiber cloth), I still believe it’s a decent deal, especially if you have any small germ farms children in your house. It only takes a little of the solution to clean a large screen like on a MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro, so the bottle should last awhile. Plus, the bag everything comes in is resealable, so it keeps everything together, and keeps the cloth clean. Which is nice.

While I had no way of telling if the solution actually kills germs, it did a great job of cleaning and polishing the screens I tried it on, and my mobile devices seem to be resisting fingerprint smudges a bit better. WHOOSH! is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about it being around kids.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: $10 for the 1oz. kit, $15 for the 3.4oz. kit, and $20 for a combo kit with both size spray bottles. WHOOSH! is available at the WHOOSH! website, as well as from Amazon, Staples, Target, and other retailers.


  • Cleans nasty screen with only a bit of effort
  • Leaves screens shiny and protected from germs and smudges


  • It’s a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way


Disclaimer: I received the WHOOSH! products at no cost for performing the review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are a mix of WHOOSH! supplied photos, and my own.