AT&T’s ‘Stream Saver’ Feature to Automatically Throttle Video Streams

AT&T’s ‘Stream Saver’ Feature to Automatically Throttle Video Streams

AT&T is taking a cue from T-Mobile’s “Binge On” option, and will kickoff a new “Stream Saver” data-saving feature that will allow its customers to view more video by automatically downgrading the video quality to 480p.

AT&T's 'Stream Saver' Feature to Automatically Throttle Video Streams

Stream Saver lets you watch more video on your wireless phone or tablet while using less data, by streaming most higher definition video at standard definition quality, similar to DVD (about 480p). Stream Saver helps your data go further.

The optional feature doesn’t appear to allow unlimited streaming at 480p like T-Mobile’s Binge On program, but instead is designed to make a customer’s monthly data allotment go farther. by lowering the video quality of the video they view.

The new feature is optional, and customers can turn it on or off at will via myAT&T or Premier for Business. AT&T says Stream Saver can be turned on or off at any time with no charge. While the service will automatically detect and throttle most video streams, it cannot detect and “optimize” all video, due to the way the content providers deliver streams.

AT&T says Stream Silver will be available to customers starting in early 2017. Once the service is available, AT&T will send customers a message letting them know, and will include instructions on how to turn the service on and off. For more information, visit

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