Rotten Wifi’s Top 20 Global Airports With the Best Wi-Fi (Infographic)

Rotten Wifi’s Top 20 Global Airports With the Best Wi-Fi (Infographic)

When traveling, access to a good Wi-Fi signal in the airport is all important to today’s road warriors. Rotten Wifi has ranked the top 20 airports around the world with the best Wi-Fi. And even Donald Trump supporters will have to admit that the top airport’s numbers are impressive.

Rotten Wifi's Top 20 Global Airports With the Best Wi-Fi (Infographic)

While overall Internet speed improved across all airports this year, it was the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, USA, the topped the list. The Arkansas airport had average download speeds of 42.17 Mbps and a customer satisfaction rate of 8 out of 10. Taking second spot is Estonian airport Lennart Meri Tallinn with 38.30 Mbps followed by last year’s number one spot holder Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand, left this year with avg. download speed of 37.10 Mbps.

Rotten WiFi allows users to monitor the speed of their internet and ranks the quality of access in hotels, airports and other public locations globally. The organisation is owned by TelcoQ, which offers software that allows mobile telecommunication operators to monitor the quality of 3G/4G coverage.

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