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MacPaw’s Setapp Offers All You Can Eat Mac App Subscriptions for Low Monthly Cost

MacPaw’s Setapp Offers All You Can Eat Mac App Subscriptions for Low Monthly Cost

Setapp, the fledgling Mac app subscription service from MacPaw, is today entering a new beta testing phase, in order to get their ducks in a row for an upcoming public debut. The service currently offers 49 popular Mac apps, with plans to add more. MacTrast has snagged 50 beta invites to allow our readers to try the service before it goes live, (and begins charging the monthly subscription fee), so read on for more information.

MacPaw's Setapp Offers All You Can Eat Mac App Subscriptions for Low Monthly Cost

When Setapp launches to the public, it will carry a more than reasonable $9.99 per month tariff, and will provide access to such popular apps as iStat Menus, CleanMy Mac, CodeRunner, Blogo, RapidWeaver, and many more.

We’ve been playing with Setapp for a while now, and we have to say we are impressed. The apps are all full-featured versions, with no “gotcha” in-app purchases or the like. All apps appear to perform the same as if you purchased them directly form the publisher, or via the Mac App Store.

MacPaw has been kind enough to provide MacTrast with 50 beta invites. Click this link to grab an invite. Once the 50 invites are gone, users who click the link will be placed on the beta invites list, to gain access at a later date. Be sure to use the above link to gain access to the beta program, otherwise you’ll just be added to the beta waiting list.

We are not the first to say this, but the best way to describe Setapp is that it’s the “Netflix of Mac apps.” (Or, the smorgasbord of apps, it’s your call…) The service pays 70% of all monthly revenue to developers, providing them with a nice little monthly income stream, which should enable them to carry on updating the apps, and creating new ones. Setapp takes a 30% cut to keep the whole shebang running.

When you install Setapp, it appears to install all 49 apps to your hard drive, but fear not, it merely installs placeholder icons, that when clicked, show information about the app, also offering a button to click that will download and install the app before launching it for use. So, don’t worry about a load of apps you might not use taking up a load of space on your hard drive.

MacPaw's Setapp Offers All You Can Eat Mac App Subscriptions for Low Monthly Cost

The Setapp app preview screens offer an excellent description of the app, along with screenshots, so you can find out what the app does, without the need to install it first.

All apps in Setapp will receive updates, and you shouldn’t have to pay for new versions when they become available, nor make any in-app purchases to enable features. These are full versions of the apps, just like you would purchase from the developer. While an Internet connection is require to download and install an app, once installed no Internet connection is required to use any of the apps. (Unless the app itself requires a connection, of course!)

Once the beta testing period ends, users will have the opportunity to continue with the Setapp service for $9.99 per month, but a free one-month trial will be available.

Currently, Setapp offers the following apps:

  • Alternote
  • Archiver
  • Base
  • Be Focused
  • Blogo
  • Capto
  • Chronicle
  • ChronoSync Express
  • CleanMyMac
  • CodeRunner
  • Downie
  • Elmedia Player
  • Findings
  • Focused
  • Folx
  • Gemini
  • Get Backup Pro
  • Gifox
  • GoodTask
  • HazeOver
  • Hype
  • Image2icon
  • iMazing
  • iStat Menus
  • iThoughtsX
  • Jump Desktop
  • Manuscripts
  • Marked
  • MoneyWiz
  • My Wonderful Days
  • Numi
  • Paste
  • PDF Squeezer
  • Permute
  • Pixa
  • RapidWeaver
  • Remote Mouse
  • Renamer
  • Screens
  • Simon
  • Sip
  • Squash
  • TaskPaper
  • Timing
  • Ulysses
  • WiFi Explorer
  • XMind
  • Yummy FTP Pro

As you can see these are quality apps, some of which you have likely used in the past.

If all this interests you, (and why wouldn’t it?), be sure to click this link to grab a one of our 50 free beta invite while they’re available.

  1. CrazedLeper says:

    It is unclear if the use of the apps will continue if the subscription to the service ends. Presumably not. I’m not going to rent software, ever, no matter how it’s packaged.

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