Minecraft Fans Can Now Play on the Apple TV

Minecraft Fans Can Now Play on the Apple TV

As announced during Apple’s “Hello Again” event in October, Minecraft is now available for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The exploration and crafting game will run you a cool $19.99, and is said to be “rolling out in all regions” throughout the day.

Minecraft Fans Can Now Play on the Apple TV

The new game will include seven DLC packs, which will allow games to customize the game to their heart’s content.

Do you own one of those fancy Apple TV devices? Maybe Santa has his elves cooking one up in their high-tech workshop?

If either of those are true, I bring good news! We’ve just released Minecraft for the slim black boxes. And, for a limited time, it comes with seven pieces of lovely DLC, giving you the chance to customise the fun to your liking. Minecraft: Apple TV Edition currently includes the Holiday 2015, Town Folk, and City Folk skin packs, along with the Plastic, Natural, Cartoon, and Festive 2016 mash-ups. It costs $19.99 and is rolling out in all regions as I type.

Apple TV Edition also includes the Ender Update. We’ve just posted about that on this very website!

One more thing – though Apple TV Edition doesn’t currently support Minecraft Realms or Xbox Live, we’ll update the game with those features in the near future.

Have fun, Apple fans!

Minecraft for the Apple TV is $19.99, and is available in the tvOS App Store in the Games category.

Minecraft Update Available on iOS Devices

The Ender update is also available on iOS devices. The version 1.0 update, released today, brings:

  • The End, including the Ender Dragon, End Cities, End ships, the new Shulker mob, purpur, chorus plants, and the highly coveted Elytra glider
  • New Festive Mash-Up Pack: the first Mash-Up to hit this edition. It includes a festive skin pack, texture pack, and fesitve world
  • Double the height! Now you can build 256 blocks high
  • Igloos and polar bears for your winter wanderings

(Via MacRumors)