Mini-Review: The CableJive PowerPortz 4-Port USB Car Charger

Mini-Review: The CableJive PowerPortz 4-Port USB Car Charger

If you’re like many families, there were plenty of new electronic devices under the tree this year. That means more devices being used by everyone in the family… Which means they’ll want to bring them with them in the car… Which means they’ll all have to be charged eventually… Which means you’ll be running out of charging ports in your car’s console, and what about everyone in the back seat? Enter CableJive’s PowerPortz 4-port car charger.

Mini-Review: The CableJive PowerPortz 4-Port USB Car Charger


The CableJive PowerPortz offers a total of four USB charging ports, 2 of which stretch all the way to the back seat, courtesy of a six-foot cable. This means the folks up front get 2 USB charging port, and the folks riding in back also get access to two charging ports. No more arguing over who gets to charge their device next. (Well, unless you have more than 4 people in the car at one time, and that’s really a matter of scheduling and restraint, isn’t it?)

The PowerPortz plugs into the standard 12V car charger port found in most recent model vehicles, and each USB port on the PowerPortz is capable of delivering 2.4 Amps of power, so users can charge everything from an iPhone to an iPad, to an Apple Watch, or even an Android device, if that’s how you roll.

Mini-Review: The CableJive PowerPortz 4-Port USB Car Charger

The six-foot cable offers more than enough slack to feed back to the rear seating area, and the USB Extension Pack will even clip onto the seat back, making it always handy for a quick charge without the need to bother the folks in front.

Mini-Review: The CableJive PowerPortz 4-Port USB Car Charger


I highly recommend the CableJive PowerPortz to anyone who regularly finds themselves with a car full of passengers who are continually fighting over the lone USB charging port. While the extra 2 USB ports for the back seat might not satisfy a Brady Bunch-sized brood, it should prove sufficient for the average family with the usual 2.4 kids.

The charger is priced nicely, and offers a good return on the relatively minor investment that is required.

Rating: 4.0/4.0

Price: $14.95 – Available at the CableJive website, and Amazon ($12.95, and Prime shipping is available).


  • 4 USB charging ports means less hassle for mobile device-using passengers
  • Back seat passengers get access to 2 charging ports


  • Six-foot cable length means third-row passengers in larger SUVs and vans could miss out. But, that’s really nitpicking on my part…


Disclaimer: I received the PowerPortz at no cost for performing the review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are from the CableJive website, because my car is a real mess inside…