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Playable Demos of ‘Super Mario Run’ Now Available in Apple Stores

Playable Demos of ‘Super Mario Run’ Now Available in Apple Stores

If you’d like to try Nintendo’s highly-anticipated new game, Super Mario Run, but you don’t want to wait until December 15, we have good news for you, your local Apple Store now has a playable demo installed on all of their iOS demo units.

Playable Demos of 'Super Mario Run' Now Available in Apple Stores
Screenshots via Engadget


The announcement was made by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime on Wednesday evening’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, during which a playable version of the company’s upcoming Switch console was also shown.

Super Mario Run is the Japanese gamer maker’s first attempt at an iOS game featuring one of its major characters. The game is expected to do quite well for the firm, with expectations for the game to generate millions upon millions in revenue for the game.

Super Mario Run will debut on the iPhone and iPad in the App Store on December 15th. The game will be a free download, and will include a taste of all three of the game’s modes. A one-time payment of $9.99 USD will unlock unlimited access to all three modes.

For those wondering how well Mario adapts to an endless-runner type of game, be sure to check out the hands-on report of the game from Engadget, which calls the game “a much deeper experience than expected,” saying:

… With Super Mario Run, Nintendo has successfully built a Mario title that makes perfect sense for a mobile phone while still featuring surprisingly deep gameplay and a level of polish seen in a small percentage of games, regardless of platform.


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