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  • MacTrast Deals: The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle offers 13 courses, made up of over 65 hours of top-quality photography and image editing training by the top pros in the business!

MacTrast Deals: The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle: 13 Courses (65+ Hours) Filled w/ Top-Quality Photography & Image Editing Training by the Pros — Just $64!

Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC Exam Guide

Build a Highly Marketable Skill Set & Nab a Coveted Certification in Photoshop

Want to propel your creative career forward? Take the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC Exam, and you’ll not only solidify your Photoshop skills, but also nab a certification universally recognized by creative professionals. Whether learning how to import and modify images, or mastering use of those pesky layers, you’ll delve into must-know exam topics and take a series of practice tests designed to prep you for the real thing.

Adobe Lightroom Crash Course

Polish Your Photos with This Primer on Adobe Lightroom

Tailored towards beginners, this training course will get you up to speed on editing photos in Lightroom in just 2 hours. Whether navigating the Lightroom interface, removing unsightly spots, or adding watermarks to your photos, you’ll learn to maximize Lightroom’s potential as a photo editing dynamo in less time than you spend trying to snap the perfect selfie (don’t lie…we do it too!).

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Flash Photography

Effective Manipulate Your Lighting to Create Stunning Images Worth Remembering

Flash is often the scapegoat for photography done wrong, and with good reason. Used incorrectly, it’ll overexpose your pictures, making your subjects look paler than Edward Cullen after a 24-hour hackathon. Fortunately, you have at your disposal this handy course on all things flash: how to use it on specific camera models, utilize variations like manual flash, and much more. Equipped with these new skills, you’ll soon find that flash is more friend than foe, and an indispensable addition to your photographic repertoire.

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Studio Portraiture

Shoot Amazing Portraits That Capture Your Subjects in Their Best Light

Regardless of whether you’re shooting headshots or full-length pictures, or for pleasure or profit, this comprehensive course will allow you to take your studio portraiture to the next level. You’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively capture your subjects, including how to effectively light your subjects, position them in strong poses, and much more.

The Complete Wedding Photography Course

Make a Living By Capturing Memories of Your Clients’ Special Day

Wedding photography can be a lucrative field, and an easy way to turn your photography hobby into a profession. Whether learning about important business fundamentals, obtaining the right equipment, or shooting a wedding the day of, you’ll gain knowledge essential to not only building a sustainable enterprise but also taking gorgeous pictures any bride and groom would be ecstatic to view repeatedly.

Black & White Photography Course

Create Stunning Monochromatic Images That Rival Those of the Pros

Say “Hello” to this premium black-and-white photography course, which is perfect if you want to craft images with the gravitas of an Adele album cover. Whether you’re setting out to emotionally impact your audience or simply want to dabble in photo editing, you’ll end this course with a new understanding of Photoshop–as well as a list of photo editing techniques more extensive than the vocal range of Adele herself.

Night Photography Course

No Lighting, No Problem. Unlock the Secrets of Taking Quality Images in the Dark.

Want to exorcise any Instagram-unworthy photos from your online albums? Start by polishing those shoddy photos besmirched by low lighting, whether they’re blurred from dimness or oversaturated by flash. You’ll understand the challenges of taking and processing nighttime photos, how to optimize your camera’s settings for picture-taking greatness, and more–enabling you to rock out your nighttime photography no matter how illuminated your subjects are.

Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle: 13 Courses (65+ Hours) Filled w/ Top-Quality Photography & Image Editing Training by the Pros — Just $64!

EasyDSLR Advanced Photography Course

Make the Most of Your DSLR with This Beyond-the-Basics Course

No longer are DSLRs exclusive to the toolboxes of professional photographers–they’ve replaced point-and-shoot cameras for many casual users intrigued by their performance. Yet many DSLR owners also treat them only like point-and-shoots, doing no more than snapping images while on the factory setting. But not you: from taking stunning portraits to capture nature in its full splendor, you’ll learn tips and tricks for tapping into your DSLR’s potential as a picture-taking powerhouse.

Art of Travel Photography Course

Banish Ameteurish Photos From Your Travel Albums with This Beginner’s Guide

You’ve seen the travel albums cluttering up your Facebook feed, replete with dozens of photos taken without care or regard to composition. Escape the unenlightened masses with this course on all things travel photography, mastering everything from picking the right camera to optimizing for depth of field. Dare we say National Geographic will be hitting up your inbox to feature you in its next big photo spread? We dare (though not guarantee!).

Selecting People in Photoshop

Refine Your Design Projects By Precisely Selecting People in Photoshop

As oddly specific as it seems, selecting people in Photoshop is one of the most useful design skills you can learn. If you’re serious about improving your design work and skill set, take this course to master making selections for use as elements in new, modifiable images and designs. With detailed instruction on selection tools such as the magic wand and custom brushes, and tutorials on how to first make simple selections–then complex ones–you’ll learn all you need to bolster your creative toolbox.

Photoshop Elements 12 Training Tutorial Course

Dive into This Essential Design Program with Over 143 Lessons & 8 Hours of Premium Instruction

Think of Photoshop Elements as a less bloated version of Photoshop, featuring the most commonly used features available in the latter. Since most people only utilize a fraction of Photoshop’s features anyways, you’ll likely find Elements a sufficiently robust–yet more agile–program with which to work your photo editing wizardry. Learn to crop, resize, and otherwise manipulate your images, and become an image editing maven the likes of which you’ve never before imagined.

Become a Better Photographer – Part 1

Take Amazing Photos on Any Camera: DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact & More

Just as a master violinist can coax beautiful music from a cheap violin, so too can an expert photographer capture gorgeous shots on a dinky point-and-shoot. Learn the art of making do with what you have, whether your standard smartphone, a Polaroid camera, or a high-end DSLR. Ensure your subjects look good no matter their surroundings, frame and compose your images to great effect, control depth of field, and much more. Because as you’ll soon see for yourself: the camera doesn’t make the photo, but rather the photographer.

EasyDSLR Beginner Photography Course

Learn to Take Amazing Photos with Your DSLR in No Time

In just 4 short hours, you’ll stop treating your DSLR like a glorified point-and-shoot, and start using it like the sophisticated piece of photographic equipment it is. Master the basic photography principles underlying any great shot, including how to manipulate your aperture, vary your shutter speed, and control your flash. Before you know it, creating amazing, high-quality photos will be a snap (yes, we went there).

Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle: 13 Courses (65+ Hours) Filled w/ Top-Quality Photography & Image Editing Training by the Pros — Just $64!