Rumor: iOS 10.3 to Include New “Theater” Device Mode

Rumor: iOS 10.3 to Include New “Theater” Device Mode

A rumor published on Friday claims Apple will release the first beta of iOS 10.3 on January 10. The rumor claims the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system will include a new “Theater” mode.

Rumor: iOS 10.3 to Include New "Theater" Device Mode

While he didn’t cite a source for his claims, Apple rumorist Sonny Dickson posted a pair of tweets on Friday, claiming the new mode will be accessible via a “popcorn-shaped” icon in the Control Center. Dickson claims January 10 will see Apple release the first beta of the update. Dickson didn’t elaborate on what Theater mode might do, or even how it works.

AppleInsider theorizes the new mode might quickly set a number of device settings to something suitable for theater use, such as quickly disabling system sounds, turn on blocking for incoming calls and texts, and reduce the screen brightness. The one-touch mode would be similar to “Airplane Mode,” which turns off Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and cellular transmissions, as requested by airlines when a plane is preparing for takeoff.

As always, reports like this should be taken with a grain of your favorite salt-free seasoning, (also important for your “new year, new you” dieting resolutions), and we’ll see what we see. One point in Sonny’s favor is the fact that MacTrast and other websites are reporting a number of visits from devices reporting in as running iOS 10.3. Hopefully, we’ll find out on the 10th. Until then, aloha!