82% of Apple AirPods Owners ‘Very Satisfied’ With Their Purchase

82% of Apple AirPods Owners ‘Very Satisfied’ With Their Purchase

A new survey conducted by Experian and Creative Strategies indicated customers who purchased Apple AirPods wireless earbuds are quite satisfied with their purchase.

82% of Apple AirPods Owners 'Very Satisfied' With Their Purchase

942 AirPods owners were surveyed. 82% report they are “very satisfied” with their purchase, while another 16% of respondents say they were “satisfied.” That tallies up to an overall customer satisfaction score of 98%.

Creative Strategies says the AirPods set a record for the highest level of satisfaction for a new product from Apple. Just for comparison, the first iPhone tallied a 92% customer satisfaction rate in 2007, the iPad scored a 92% rate in 2010, and the Apple Watch rated a 97% customer satisfaction rate in 2015.

When asked if they would recommend AirPods to others, the majority of AirPods owners said yes, which gave the AirPods a Net Promoter Score of 75. The Net Promoter Score ranks a consumer’s willingness to recommend the product to others.

…To put that into context, the iPhone’s NPS number is 72. Product and NPS specialists will tell you anything above 50 is excellent and anything above 70 is world class.

AirPods customer satisfaction rated highly as far as the time it takes to charge the AirPods, the design of the AirPods case, the Bluetooth pairing process, and battery life. The earbuds also rated highly when it comes to comfort, and a secure fit in the ears.

82% of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed that the AirPods are their favorite recent Apple Product. 62% claimed they listen to more audio content since they purchased a set of AirPods, while 82.5% would like more control over content. And finally, 84% said using one AirPods makes sense in certain cases.

(Via MacRumors)