iPhone Conference Call – How To Add & Merge Calls

iPhone Conference Call – How To Add & Merge Calls

iPhone conference calling is one of the easiest tasks you can master. You only need to see instructions once to remember the two step process. Adding and merging calls will become a feature you’ll use more often now. Without further ado, fear not, we have compiled a list of bullet points to get you through this task. There are at least two ways to conference call on iPhone; YOU’re actively calling others, and YOU are being called by others.

How to use your iPhone to conference call

How to Add calls and Merge calls on iPhone - iPhone conference calling
Add calls and Merge calls on iPhone

You initiate both calls

  1. While on a phone call with the initial call participant, tap the ” + Add Call” button, then use your contacts list to find the number for the additional party you wish to include on the call. (Or you can simply dial the number of the new participant.)
  2. The original caller will be placed on hold while the second number is called. Once you are connected to the second party, tap the “Merge Calls” button. This will add the new party to the initial phone conversation.
  3. Repeat the above steps to add additional parties to the conference call.

Callers initiate calls to you

You can merge two people calling YOU at the same time.

  1. While you’re on the call with the first caller, you’ll be prompted that a second caller is trying to get ahold of you.
  2. Tap on “hold and accept” sometimes “hold and answer” to pick up the second caller.
  3. As soon as you have both callers appearing on the screen, you will be able to tap the “merge calls” icon in the bottom left corner, adding the second caller to the conference call.

Note: On a GSM network, like AT&T or T-Mobile, up to five callers can be merged into a conference call. CDMA networks like Sprint or Verizon have more strict limitations allowing up to two callers in a conference call. For more information, visit the Apple Knowledge Base as some geographical exceptions might apply.

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