Apple Maps Now Offers Apple Park 3D Models, Walkways

Apple Maps Now Offers Apple Park 3D Models, Walkways

Apple has updated its Maps app to offer up 3D coverage of the new Apple Park corporate campus. Construction on the Cupertino, Calif. campus is currently undergoing finishing touches, and employees are moving in.

Apple Maps Now Offers Apple Park 3D Models, Walkways
Screenshot via Appleinsider.


The enhanced detail includes a “Map” view with 3D building models as well as access roads running in and out of the campus. Traffic directions, pedestrian walkways, and other information can also be found when searching the area.

In addition to the new 3D models, also added are new points of interest for the campus, including the Steve Jobs Theater, the research and development facility, above ground parking, the employee fitness center, and the fabricated pond located in the centerĀ of the main building.

Apple has gradually been adding imagery for the new campus to its Maps apps since March. Construction on the site began in 2013, based on plans first presented by then CEO Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council in 2011. While the completion date was originally set for 2015, delays pushed the opening back to the spring of 2017.

Although employees have begun moving in, the latest drone footage of the campus shows there is still work to be done before the project can actually be marked as “completed.” Contractors are putting the finishing touches on everything, and workers are still in the process of planting the 9,000 trees that will cover the grounds.