How To Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone X

How To Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone X

Sure, it’s always been easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone. A quick press of the Home button and the Power button, and you have a pic of whatever’s on your iPhone’s screen saved to your device. But, what about the iPhone X?

There’s no Home button on the iPhone X, how the heck can you take a screenshot with no Home button? Is that what’s making you frown, Bunkie? Fear not, you can still take a screenshot on an iPhone X, the process is just a little different.

How To Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone X

1.) Press the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously to take a screenshot.

How To Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone X

2.) You’ll find the screenshot in the Photos app, the same place it’s always been saved.

Simple, no? It might take awhile to get used to this, but since there isn’t a Home button on the iPhone X, it shouldn’t take that long. It might take a small period of time to overcome muscle memory, but that’s it.

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