Apple to acquire Shazam for $400 million

Apple to acquire Shazam for $400 million

After deep integration of Shazam into iOS, Apple deems it’s time to acquire the proven music recognition app for $400 million. Currently, when you ask Siri “What’s this song?”, Apple passes the decision-making process to the leader in the digital content matching service, Shazam. The benefit of using the free iOS app instead of Siri, is that you can create a log of songs you’ve searched for to later download them all at once. Further, in the stand alone app, you can also chose the music provider of your choice amongst Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or Google Play.

So why is Shezam so valuable? Not only we’re seeing Shazam turning into a music social media app, but also the number of song downloads Shazam is driving is staggering. In late 2016, Shazam publicized that over 1 billion songs were downloaded as a result if its service. Not enough? This multi platform (macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows) app is reported to be finally profitable.

The strategic options of Shazam and Apple are vast and we’re excited for what’s coming.┬áThere is only one thing we’re afraid of; that Apple might take Spotify out of the options for downloading or listening once the giant decides to fully promote their Apple Music.