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Apple Expands its ‘Everyone Can Code’ Program to 70 New Colleges and Universities

Apple Expands its ‘Everyone Can Code’ Program to 70 New Colleges and Universities

Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” curriculum is expanding to 70 new colleges and Universities in Europe. The program is offered free of charge to schools and colleges.

Apple Expands its 'Everyone Can Code' Program to 70 New Colleges and Universities


Apple first launched the curriculum in May of last year, when it was taken up by community colleges and high schools. The program was developed from an earlier ebook course offered by Apple.

November 2017 saw the program first expand internationally, starting up at over 20 international schools. A month late, the program was made available to half a million students in Chicago.

This week’s expansion sees the “Everyone Can Code” curriculum rolling out to 16 different countries, with institutions of learning in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland and Portugal offering “App Development with Swift” to prepare their students for future careers in app development.

  • Harlow College in the UK will offer App Development with Swift to its 3,000 students — including adults seeking to regain employment — in order to teach them coding skills and prepare them for app development careers.
  • The Chair for Applied Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich in Germany focuses on using Swift and ARKit to teach hands-on software engineering and entrepreneurial business skills to its students. They work closely with local businesses, including BMW and Siemens to ensure learning is relevant to today’s workplace.
  • Mercantec Vocational College in Denmark is a publicly funded vocational school, offering its 3,000 students the opportunity to learn coding before moving on to careers with local businesses.
  • Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen in the Netherlands attracts a range of students looking for both undergraduate degrees and short vocational courses. Its 34,000 students now have the ability to learn to code through App Development with Swift.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says coding is an essential skill in today’s workplace.

“Coding is an essential skill for today’s workforce, and through Everyone Can Code, we’re giving people around the world the power to learn, write and teach coding,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Since launching Everyone Can Code, we’ve seen growing excitement for the initiative from schools around the world, who are increasingly incorporating the curriculum into their classrooms.”

The program is based around Apple’s popular Swift programming language, used to create apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices.