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Apple Open Sources FoundationDB Distributed Datastore Tech

Apple Open Sources FoundationDB Distributed Datastore Tech

Apple-owned FoundationDB has announced that it has open sourced its distributed datastore tech for organizations. The open sourcing of the project will allow customization and expansion by outside developers.

By open sourcing FoundationDB, our goal is to build an open community. All major development will be done in the open. We’ve outlined a design document process to ensure that this work is done transparently and with community input. We’ve taken early steps to outline project governance to provide a basic structure that will enable members of the community who actively contribute to have a greater voice in the project decision-making.

We also want FoundationDB to be a healthy and responsive community. To that end, we’ve adopted a code of conduct based on the Contributor Covenant to outline the behaviors we encourage and those we disallow.

We’d love your participation. Here are several ways you can get involved:

  • Ask questions on the FoundationDB community forums: forums.foundationdb.org. We have categories for user-related questions (how do I use X) as well as development questions (I am digging into the FoundationDB core and want to change Y). Say hello!
  • Help improve the software by reporting bugs through GitHub issues.
  • Make contributions to the core software and documentation (please see the project’s contribution guide).

The source code is now available on GitHub, and developers can now communicate with each other on official forums.

FoundationDB is just the latest Apple technology to go open source. Perhaps the best known of these is Swift, the programming language used mostly to develop apps for Apple’s iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS devices.