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Waze Launches on Ford’s SYNC 3 Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Waze Launches on Ford’s SYNC 3 Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Automaker Ford announced a new partnership with crowdsource navigation app Waze back in January at CES. The partnership aimed to bring Waze onto touchscreens of vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 through Ford’s AppLink. The fruits of the partnership are now realized.

Waze users around the world can now project the app’s real-time traffic and navigation service onto the touch screen in Ford vehicles via SYNC® AppLink® and control it through voice command. For owners of Ford SYNC 3-equipped vehicles, this allows easier access to features including finding efficient traffic routes, locating cheaper fuel prices and reporting traffic accidents.

To use, customers simply connect their Waze-equipped iPhone to the USB port of their Ford vehicle and view the service as it is projected onto the vehicle touch screen. With Ford SYNC AppLink, users can now conveniently access the app’s features on a larger display and have voice guidance through their own vehicle speakers and microphone system.

In addition to the ability to report on heavy traffic, accidents and fuel prices, Ford’s integration of Waze also includes recent app updates, including talk to Waze, which lets users control the app via voice command. Other features include route support for carpool lanes, providing additional navigation options and more accurate arrival times.

“We’re excited drivers of Ford SYNC 3-enabled vehicles will now be able to use Waze for iOS right from their dashboard, getting access to features like planned drives, alternative routes, talk to Waze voice commands and more,” said Jens Baron, product lead, in-car applications, Waze. “They’ll also benefit from the best routes and most accurate ETAs, thanks to our global community of drivers on the go who update the map in real-time – helping our mission to one day eliminate traffic.”

To make use of the new feature Ford drivers will need SYNC 3 software version 3.0 or later installed in the vehicle, and iOS 11.3 and the latest version of the Waze app installed on their iPhone. For more information, visit the Ford website.