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Limited Hardware Issue Affects 2017 13″ MacBook Pro Models With Function Keys

Limited Hardware Issue Affects 2017 13″ MacBook Pro Models With Function Keys

An internal memo intended for Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers identifies a limited hardware issue with the most recent models of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys.

When either the notebook’s solid state drive or main logic board experiences a failure, both need to be replaced. The memo doesn’t specify a reason as to why the two components may fail at the same time, or estimate how many devices might be affected by the issue.

An excerpt from the document, obtained by MacRumors:

Apple has identified a specific population of MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports) units requiring both solid state drives and the main logic board to be replaced when either has a functional failure. 

A message will appear when either the solid state drive or the main logic board part number is added to the repair of an identified MacBook Pro system. The message will indicate both the SSD and MLB must be replaced when either component has a functional failure.

The document refers specifically to 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro models that sport a standard row of function keys, not a Touch Bar. The memo indicates the issues do not affect other MacBook Pro models, either with or without a Touch Bar, or those released in 2016.

Apple has reportedly authorized free repairs for the dual replacement, whether the laptop is in or out of warranty. If there is evidence of liquid or accidental damage, out-of-warranty fees may apply. Turnaround time for the repairs is roughly five to seven days.

MacBook Pro owners who believe their laptop requires the repairs can visit the  “Get Support” page on Apple’s website, click “Mac” -> “Mac notebooks” -> “Hardware Issues” -> “The topic is not listed.” Enter a description of the issue, and then click “Continue.” Select “Bring in for Repair” to schedule an appointment at an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Genius Bar.


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