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Pixelmator Pro Version 1.1.5 Update Brings Preliminary Support for macOS Mojave, More

Pixelmator Pro Version 1.1.5 Update Brings Preliminary Support for macOS Mojave, More

The Pixelmator Team has updated their popular pro-level image editor for macOS. Pixelmator Pro 1.1.5 brings a number of performance improvements, as well as preliminary support for macOS Mojave.

What’s New

Pixelmator Pro 1.1.5 includes a number of improvements that make Pixelmator Pro faster and more responsive and brings preliminary support for macOS Mojave (a major update to Pixelmator Pro with full macOS Mojave support is coming in a few weeks’ time!).

• Improved layer movement and editing performance. You should now be able to select, move, and start editing layers in complex documents much more quickly.
• Improved document opening performance. Large and complex documents should now be opened much faster — in some cases over 10 times faster.
• The performance of the Quick Selection tool has been improved by 20%.
• The cursor of the Paint, Erase, and Pixel Paint tools will now be displayed as a crosshair if it is smaller than 2 pt on the screen (based on your zoom level).
• All fonts will now be displayed in the Type tool’s font pop-up menu instead of just the ones optimized for your current region.
• Guides can now be moved while using the Type and shape tools.
• There is now a Guides submenu in the View menu with options to clear and lock persistent guides as well as customize alignment guides.
• The range of the Spin, Box, Disc, and Motion blur effects has been extended — hold down the Option key and drag the Amount/Radius sliders to blur layers even more.
• When applying effects, such as False Color, Clouds, and Checkerboard, which fill areas with color, you can now adjust the opacity of each color (in the Colors window).
• The Invert color adjustment now inverts colors mathematically rather than perceptually, just like the Invert effect does.
• When using the Crop tool, the cropping box will now be drawn over your entire image, not the area on which you are currently zoomed in.

• When opening the Photo Browser, the Photos library would occasionally not load the first time. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue with hue-adjusting (Hue, Select Color, Color Balance) color adjustments applied to layer masks.
• Fixed an issue with using the Gradient Fill tool on layer masks with blending modes other than Normal.
• Fixed an issue with applying color adjustments on empty masks — after applying the Invert adjustment, for example, it would not be immediately rendered in the image.
• Resetting certain effects, such as Perspective Transform, Pinch, and others, would not redraw the entire image correctly. Fixed.
• Dragging and dropping layers with masks from one document into another would not preserve the position of the mask. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue with undoing an image size change after selecting and transforming part of an image layer.
• Undoing an image size change while being fully zoomed out would make it impossible to change the zoom level. Fixed.
• Undoing an image size change in documents with text would sometimes break the layout of the text. Fixed.
• When using the Crop tool in images containing areas beyond the canvas, those areas would not be displayed correctly. Fixed.
• Writing and deleting text with the Stroke layer style applied would temporarily leave parts of the deleted text in the image. Fixed.
• When performing many repeated actions in a row, thumbnails would not always update immediately. Fixed.
• Added a few fixes related to SVG rendering during import and export.
• Fixed an issue with using the Retouch and Paint tools in large documents that would sometimes cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly.
• Fixed an issue with infinite memory allocation when applying effects to horizontal and vertical line shapes.
• Less memory will be used for the undo history of the paint, distort, and retouching tools. 
• Opening the font family and font face pop-up menus in the Type tool would sometimes cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly if certain system fonts were disabled. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue that would cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly while closing a document.

Pixelmator Pro 1.1.5 is currently available for the Mac for $29.99 – 50% off it’s regular price – in the Mac App Store. [GET IT HERE]