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Aerial for Mac Gets Refreshed With New Apple TV Aerial Screensavers

Aerial for Mac Gets Refreshed With New Apple TV Aerial Screensavers

Aerial, the free open source app for the Mac that allows users to see the fabulous Apple TV aerial screensavers on their Macs, has received a refresh to include the new videos that came along for the ride with the tvOS 12 update.

The app was originally created by John Coates. However, this latest Aerial version 1.4.4 update is thanks to Guillaume Louel.

The update includes new screensavers from tvOS 12, including footage from the International Space Station. It also offers sunset/sunrise, dusk/dawn modes, advanced brightness controls, and margin adjustments.

New features include:

  • Every Aerial video: From the very first Aerials in San Francisco to the new space videos shot from the ISS! Now with better titles too so you can find your favorite videos faster.
  • 4K HEVC: With the launch of Apple TV 4K, many videos are now available in this format. Aerial will show you the best format available based on your preferences.
  • Different videos based on time: Want to see night videos at night? Aerial can calculate for you the dusk/dawn times. You can also use Night Shift sunset and sunrise detection (See here for a list of compatible Macs, you do not need to enable Night Shift).
  • Feeling Dark?: Aerial is now compatible with Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 Mojave and can play night videos when Dark Mode is enabled.
  • Descriptions: Wondering where an Aerial view was shot? Aerial can now tell you as they play. We even have extended descriptions written by our community of users.
  • Brightness control: Aerial can progressively dim your screens brightness before your Mac goes to sleep. You can even enable this feature only at night, or only on battery if you prefer.
  • Full offline mode: Behind a firewall? Just copy the cache folder from another Mac and you are all set. You can also disable all streaming.
  • Better cache management: You can now cache your favorite videos individually, no need to grab them all. Or just stream them as you go, they’ll get cached automatically too.
  • Clock: We even have a properly styled clock if that’s your thing!
  • And many bug fixes!

To download the app and to find out more about the app and instructions on how to install it on your Mac and get started, visit the app’s Github page.

(Via 9to5Mac)

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