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Top Contacts for iOS Brings Powerful CRM Features to the iPhone and iPad

Top Contacts for iOS Brings Powerful CRM Features to the iPhone and iPad

Retexlab LLC has released Top Contacts 1.0, their advanced contact manager for iOS devices. The offers powerful customer relationship management features to the iOS contact list. The app also offers a built-in calendar, and to-do list to help users plan and track all activities related to their contact list.

Top Contacts makes it easy to add tags, create groups, or color code contacts. Important contacts are easily highlighted to keep them in sight. Customizable filters allow quick access to information. Sorting by any field allows arrange contacts in any way.

Top Contacts boosts your productivity by keeping you in sync with the right people at the right time. Get it now and say hello to a seamless contact management!

Work smarter, quicker and more efficiently:
• Use groups, tags, and color markers for easy access and navigation 
• Set up customizable filters to get to the information you need 
• Sort by any field to organize your contact list in your way 
• View contacts in a traditional list or try the table mode 
• Modify contact fields right in the table without opening the contact card
• Use swipe menu to quickly call, email or message your contact
• Get quick access to contacts you recently interacted with
• Search contacts with options: case sensitive search, search in fields
• Link contacts to each other and track relationships

Customize contact card:
• Add custom or predefined fields, delete unnecessary ones
• Organize fields by sections to structure information
• Rearrange fields and sections to access information promptly
• Specify different sets of contact fields for different groups
• Each field knows what type of information it stores so this simplifies the data entry, makes it convenient to use and reduces the number of mistakes
• Supported types of fields: Text, Number, Date, Time, Price, Checkbox, Combobox, Phone, Email, URL

Calendar and To-Do:
• General calendar and To-Do list for all contacts
• Separate calendar and To-Do list for each contact
• Two calendar views
• Reminders for important events or follow ups
• Support for recurring events in calendar
• Assign tasks and events to one or more contacts
• Search calendar events

Manage files:
• Attach documents and other files to your contacts
• Preview attached documents directly in the app
• Share or print attached documents and files

Sync across devices:
• Thanks to iCloud sync across devices you can keep your finger on the pulse no matter which device you are on
• No third-party services are used for sync, your data is only your data

Advanced filters:
• Set up customizable filters to get to the information you need
• Configure filters with multiple conditions
• Save filter templates to apply filters in one tap

Import, Export, Share:
• Import contacts from the Contacts app or from CSV, XLSX files
• Export contacts to PDF, CSV, XLSX files or print them
• Share contacts and documents via email, messages or just open in other apps

• Password, Touch ID or Face ID protection
• Detailed user manual on our website

The Pro version benefits:
• Sync the information across all your devices via iCloud
• Export contacts to PDF, CSV and XLSX files
• No banners, no ads

Top Contacts 1.0 is free and is available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. An upgrade to the Pro version is usually $9.99. However, as a special limited-time app launch offer, users can upgrade to Pro at a 30% discount, for just $6.99 .