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Get Help Creating Your Own Life Inventory, Just in Time for the New Year

Get Help Creating Your Own Life Inventory, Just in Time for the New Year

James Hollender’s Life Inventory app for the iPhone or iPad is making its appearance in the App Store, just in time to help you decide the things you personally need to work on in the new year.

James Hollender’s Life Inventory iPhone or iPad app makes a great last minute gift giving idea. With these apps users gain an in-depth perception of themselves and why they do the things they do. The apps include built-in instructions that help guide users step by step in creating their own Life Inventory to provide greater self understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses, leading to a better knowledge of self than they ever thought possible. A Life Inventory can also function as a Moral Inventory for those in 12-step programs.

The developer says the process of completing a Life Inventory does not directly address anyone’s specific problems, habits or addictions, but rather helps the user examine in detail events that have transpired in their life.

The Life Inventory apps assists the user in probing into not only what happened, but also why it happened. The questions asked help the user delve into areas often never considered before, like:

  • What did I want
  • Why did I want it
  • What am I not admitting
  • What lie did I tell myself
  • What did I leave out or not say
  • What lie did I tell others
  • Have I ever done the same thing
  • Was it any of my business
  • Were my expectations reasonable
  • What was the real truth
  • What was I not seeing
  • Did I fail to see the facts of the situation
  • What actions did I take to get what I wanted
  • What actions did I omit to get what I wanted

The app guides the user through six different steps for making a Life Inventory:

  • Build Lists
  • Causes and Effects
  • My Part
  • Fears Analysis
  • Fear Questions
  • Sex Relations

Users are encouraged to enter data into their Inventory, be completely honest about themselves and take advantage of encouragement and support from others.

Life Inventory and Life Inventory for iPad are each $11.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Lifestyle category. A Lite version of each app is $1.99.

There are also app bundles where users can save by purchasing both the main and lite apps along with the $7.99 iNutrients app.