Aetna Launching New ‘Attain’ Apple Watch Health Coach App in 2019

Aetna Launching New ‘Attain’ Apple Watch Health Coach App in 2019

U.S. health insurance provider Aetna has announced the upcoming launch of Attain, their personalized well-being app for the Apple Watch and iPhone. The number three health insurance provider is working with Apple to create the app.

The Attain by AetnaSM app is a first-of-its-kind health experience designed in collaboration with Apple. It combines your health history with your Apple Watch® activity to offer personalized goals, achievable actions and big rewards* — like an Apple Watch or gift cards from popular retailers.

Using an Apple Watch, the Attain app will give Aetna members personalized goals, track daily activity levels, and recommend health lifestyle choices. Participants can earn points, which can be used for gift cards or Apple Watches.

The app will spur users to complete daily and weekly activity challenges, which will be based on the users’ age, gender, and weight. Activities can be walking, running, yoga, swimming, or any other activity that can be tracked in the Apple Watch’s Workout app.

The app will also remind users to meet activity goals, get flu shots and other vaccinations, refill prescriptions, visit their primary care physician, and much more.

Aetna members will need an iPhone 5s or newer and an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer. Participants will have the option to share health data with Apple, which will provide data needed to improve the program, leading to new features for the app, as well as more personalized recommendations.

The Attain program will be completely voluntary, and participants can determine what information to share, and can drop out of the program at any time. All health-related data is encrypted on the devices, during transmission, and on the Apple and Aetna servers. All data will be stored using HIPAA-compliant security practices.

Aetna says information from the program will not be used for underwriting, premium, or coverage decisions. Aetna hopes the program will result in healthier customers, resulting in fewer insurance claims.

The Attain app is expected to be available in the App Store in spring 2019. Interested members can sign up at the Attain by Aetna website to be notified when the app becomes available.