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Camera Guard Mac 3 Offers Improved Webcam and Mic Blocker Protections for Mac

Camera Guard Mac 3 Offers Improved Webcam and Mic Blocker Protections for Mac

On the heels of Apple’s Group FaceTime security fiasco comes the release of ProtectStar’s Camera Guard Mac 3, the new version of their popular security software solution created to protect any Mac’s webcam and microphone against access by hackers, spies, or malware.

Version 3.0 brings improved protection against unauthorized access to the Mac microphone and webcam, plus it now allows users of shared Mac computers to easily PIN protect any app on their Mac.

The app sits quietly in the background, monitoring the Mac’s webcam and built-in microphone, staying alert for any unauthorized access attempts. The app blocks any attempts, alerting the Mac user to any attempts. The app blocks both known and unknown attacks.

Users of shared Macs can pin protect their personal apps like Apple Mail, Photos, Contacts, Safari, and even games can be prevented from opening without the correct pin. With a quick entry of a 4-digit pin, the apps are protected from unauthorized access by other users. This new feature is the perfect solution for parents who share their Mac with younger family members and worry their kids might access things they shouldn’t.

Features include:

  • Web camera blocker
  • Microphone protection
  • Securely protects apps with a 4-digit pin
  • Deep Detective (TM) protects against known and unknown attack attempts
  • Protection against Mac ransomware
  • Allow kids access to only specific games, and applications
  • Schedule for each app or all apps to allow usage for specific days and times
  • Pop-Up notifications regarding security breaches
  • Logfile protocol tracks unauthorized attempts to start access apps and files
  • Smart protection against ransomware threats
  • Blocks execution of potentially malicious Java code
  • Can be set to run at login for automatic protection

Camera Guard Mac 3 Professional is $19.90 and includes 12-months of updates/upgrades and technical support. A Care Plan option is also available for $49.00 USD, and includes 3-years of updates/upgrades and premium technical support.

For more information or to purchase Camera Guard Mac 3, visit the ProtectStar website.