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Rumor Has It AirPower Production Began Earlier This Year

Rumor Has It AirPower Production Began Earlier This Year

It’s been 18 months since Apple first teased us with their take on wireless charging. The AirPower wireless charging mat, which promised to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods has since been one of the most elusive products in Apple’s history.

With today’s introduction of second-generation AirPods, complete with wireless charging case, it seems that the release of AirPower may finally be imminent. Back in September of 2017, Apple introduced the product, promising it in "early 2018."

Now that things seems to be lining up for the release, a report from the Wall Street Journal suggest the wireless charging mat was approved for production earlier this year. Assuming production started in the the past month or two, Apple would likely have sufficient supply built up to release the product as soon as this week.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple encountered numerous development challenges with the multi-coil wireless charging mat. If those rumors were true, and production has begun, it seems Apple has engineered themselves out of a tough spot.

Reports, going back to last fall, have suggested that AirPower was set to finally ship in the first quarter of 2019. Earlier this week, iOS developer, code spelunker, and 9to5mac contributor Guilherme Rambo spotted code changes in a beta release of iOS 12.2 that pointed to AirPower support.

If Apple keeps pace with their daily product releases to close out the week, we could finally see AirPower make its debut before their March 25 event. Updated iPod touch are also expected this spring, with reports indicating it could happen this week.

So far this week, Apple has updated the iPad Air, iPad mini, iMac, AirPods, and released the new spring collection of cases, covers, and watch bands. Another 2 days of releases could add to the already massive buzz around the Cupertino company leading into their subscription services event next Monday.