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Apple Loses Another Legal Battle With Swiss Watch Maker Swatch

Apple Loses Another Legal Battle With Swiss Watch Maker Swatch

Apple is 0-2 in recent legal battles with Swiss watch maker Swatch, as it has failed to prevent Swatch from using the phrase “one more thing” in its advertising in Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Australian Trade Marks Office has rejected Apple’s assertion that Swatch should not be allowed to use its trademark over the phrase. Apple has also applied for its own Australian trademark over the term.

Apple has argued that the phrase “one more thing” had become synonymous with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who used it on a regular basis during Apple Keynote addresses. Current Apple CEO Time Cook has also used the phrase.

For its part, Swatch claimed the “one more thing” phrase, which it used to launch a “film noir inspired set” of watches, was inspired by the television detective “Columbo,” who would often say “just one more thing” when questioning suspects.

Sadly for Apple, hearing officer Adrian Richards decided for the Swiss watch maker, and ordered Apple to pay the watchmaker’s legal fees. Richards says Apple had never used the “one more thing” phrase in connection with any “particular” goods or services.

This is the second legal battle with Swatch that Apple has lost lately. The Cupertino firm also lost a legal tussle with the Swiss company in Switzerland over Swatch’s use of the slogan “Tick different” to promote the watch makers new NFC-enabled watch. Apple argued the slogan unfairly traded on its famous “Think Different” ad campaign. However, a Swiss court came down on the side of Swatch.

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