Amazon Employees Make Off With $100K Worth of Apple Watches

Amazon Employees Make Off With $100K Worth of Apple Watches

When hundreds of Apple Watches were stolen from an Amazon Fulfillment Center, the cops didn’t have to look far when looking for suspects – the thieves worked for Amazon.

The Middletown, Delaware, Police Department was contacted by Amazon Loss Prevention about four employees of a company Fulfillment Center. The group allegedly walked out of the center with over $100,000 worth of Apple’s popular Apple Watch.

Police says they were able to recover some of the stolen Apple Watch cache, as seen in the photograph above.

Suspects Taneesha Pinkett, Tyaisha Butler and Isaac Francis have been arraigned on charges of theft and second-degree conspiracy. The fourth suspect, Shadaria Bell, is still at large.

It isn’t unusual for thieves to be enamored with the idea of stealing the Apple Watch and other Apple products. The devices usually go for a high price, and they are popular with buyers, making the products easy to sell on the black market.

However, most gangs blatantly steal the devices directly off the counter of their local Apple Store and then high-tail it out of there. The Amazon gang of four were a bit more subtle about their (allegedly) thieving ways.

(Via Cult of Mac)

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