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iOS 13 to Include New ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ Feature

iOS 13 to Include New ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ Feature

Apple’s upcoming iOS 13 operating system will introduce a new “Optimized Battery Charging” feature, designed to extend the total battery life of your iOS device by learning from your usage habits.

The new feature, which can be found in the “Battery” section of the Settings app under “Battery Health,” when toggled on learns from your personal usage habits, and waits to finish charging all the way until you need your iPhone.

iOS 13 to Include New 'Optimized Battery Charging' Feature
Screenshot via MacRumors

In other words, if you usually charge your iPhone at night while you sleep, the device might quickly charge to 80%, then wait until the hour before you normally wake up in the morning to charge the remaining 20%

The feature is designed to keep your iPhone charged at a level that is optimal for battery health, instead of keeping it charged to 100% while it’s on the charger. By avoiding keeping the device charged at maximum capacity the whole time it is on the charger, it will theoretically extend the life of the battery.

Apple has faced criticism over the subject of battery health in the last year or so, as it was discovered that the company was throttling the processor speeds of iOS devices with degraded batteries.

In the wake of those charges, Apple pledged to be more forthcoming on the subject of the battery health of their devices.

(Via MacRumors)