Apple Music Names DJ Khaled First ‘Artist-in-Residence’

Apple Music Names DJ Khaled First ‘Artist-in-Residence’

Apple Music has named DJ Khaled as its first “Artist-in-Residence.” Khaled today announced the move on his Instagram account. (Via Billboard)

“Bless up @applemusic for making me the very first artist-in-residence ever for @applemusic,” Khaled wrote to make the announcement official on his Instagram. “This means imma taking over the biggest playlists on the platform every month! Also the goal is to break new artists in the process. All record labels and artists, hit me up. This month, we gon start with Office DJ and then I might hit y’all wit a Gymflow playlist vibe next month.”

Khaled’s Office DJ playlist – available free to Apple Music subscribers – includes songs by Beyoncé, Buju Banton, Jay-Z, Drake, Lauryn Hill, Rick Ross, Sam Cooke, and more.

Any workplace could use a little pick-me-up. And few people are better at elevating heart rates and boosting productivity than DJ Khaled, Apple Music’s first-ever artist in residence. He’s staging a corporate takeover with this exclusive, handpicked playlist, serving up new and old classics from hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and pop–Khaled’s areas of expertise–specifically designed to carry everyone from opening bell through end-of-day air horn.

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