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MacTrast Deals: The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver

MacTrast Deals: The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver

The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver helps protect your privacy, allows you to run Windows app on your Mac, and much more!

The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver: Protect Your Privacy, Run Windows Apps, & Ignite the Power of Your Mac w/ This Legendary Bundle – Just $29.99

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription (1 Device/Mac)

Unlock True Online Privacy with This Encrypted, Zero-Logging VPN Service

Internet threats are a real thing – and surfing the web on a public connection can result in your personal data falling into the wrong hands. While most VPNs will help you surf undetected, some still maintain logs on your browsing movements, defeating the purpose of getting one in the first place! VPNSecure proudly assures that ZERO logs are recorded, so you can browse online with absolute peace of mind. And, with the Smart DNS component, you can even bypass those annoying geographical restrictions that block Hulu, and more abroad. Get VPNSecure, and you’ll get a cross-platform VPN service you can trust.

  • Allows you to bypass geolocation blocks on your favorite streaming networks
  • Encrypts your traffic so hackers can’t access your data
  • Hides your location & IP address
  • Supports torrents
  • Grants you the ability to choose Data Cipher
  • Uses Stealth VPN to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable
  • Delivers unlimited bandwidth
  • Does not keep any logs of your activity
  • Includes servers in 46+ countries & counting
  • Protects against DNS leak fixes, kill switches & more

Strict No Logging Policy!


  • vpnMentor: ★★★★★
  • VPN Analysis: ★★★★★
  • Best VPN: ★★★★★

CrossOver 18

Run Your Favorite Windows Apps & Games Right on Your Mac or Linux Computer

Run Windows software on Mac with with CrossOver! You can quickly and easily launch Windows apps right from your Mac dock without buying a Windows license, rebooting, or using a virtual machine. Whether you’re looking to use Windows games, productivity software or utility programs, CrossOver allows you to run them natively on your Mac like normal. There’s no simpler way to bring your operating systems together to work in harmony!

  • Runs Microsoft Office 2016 on your Mac
  • Run Windows software & games without rebooting or installing Windows OS
  • Install Windows applications on your Mac platform w/ one click
  • Operate Windows software at native speed, w/o any limited performance
  • Integrate seamlessly w/ your native desktop environment
  • Launch Windows software natively from the dock
  • Use without Windows virus protection needed

CleanMyMac X

Includes 1-Yr of Access for 2 Macs: Speed Up Your Mac By Quickly & Easily Getting Rid of Large, Unused Files

Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with the newest release of the leading Mac cleaning software. CleanMyMac X chases junk in all corners of your macOS. It cleans unneeded files, like outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and useless localizations. You can remove tons of clutter that lurks in iTunes, Mail, Photos, and even locate gigabytes of large hidden files to speed up your computer. CleanMyMac provides easy solutions: no digging through folders, no long instructions. That’s because cleaning your Mac should be easy. One big button easy.

‘CleanMyMac targets the useless stuff that piles up on your computer, like old log files, unused language files, iTunes backups, outdated caches and other items to help free space and tidy up broken files.’ The Next Web

  • Scans your system, iTunes, Mail, Photos, Trash bins, & even old folders to safely clean up junk
  • Removes only the junk that is 100% safe to delete w/ a single click
  • Trims gigabytes off your photo library without deleting a single picture
  • Cleans up Mail attachments, signatures,& clips w/ ease
  • Identifies & deletes gigabytes of old junk files in iTunes without deleting music
  • Discovers all of your Trash bins & empties them all
  • Features the CleanMyMac X smart Assistant which guides you through regular disk cleanups, even showing you what else is there to clean
  • Includes a full deck of speedup tools to rely upon: freeing up RAM, running maintenance scripts, managing Login Items, Launch Agents, and Hung Applications
  • Fights off malware, adware, ransomware & all them -wares that are specific to macOS


Wirelessly Transfer Music, Video, PDF & Ringtones to iPhone or iPad Without iTunes

Skip converters, iTunes, and even wires altogether when you transfer files with WALTR 2. Designed to automatically search and connect to your iOS devices, this app lets you transfer any music, ringtone, video, PDF and ePUB file with a simple drag and drop. It comes loaded with clever tricks, like Smart Adaptive Conversion for 5x faster audio and video conversions, and content recognition that brings along metadata. Plus, WALTR 2 goes beyond iOS devices, supporting the entire lineup of Apple iPods—starting with the original iPod Classic, built in 2001.

  • Drag and drop any music, ringtone, video, PDF & ePUB file to your Apple devices
  • Adapt movies & music for any device while preserving quality
  • Transfer full-resolution 2160p 4K videos w/ up to 60fps
  • Fill in key metadata, like cover art, track lists & more w/ Automatic Content Recognition
  • Automatically search for your devices & wirelessly transfer files
  • Sort video files & distribute them across movies, TV shows & more
  • Read books & manage your documents w/ full support for EPUB and PDF formats
  • Create trim-less ringtones & enjoy hi-res quality
  • Use WALTR 2 along w/ your Apple Music subscription


Forbes: “If you regularly transfer your own files — WALTR 2 could make your life a lot easier.”
Engadget: “WALTR 2 … allows users to quickly upload video files to their iPhone that aren’t supported by iTunes, such as FLAC and MKV files. It just does it in some magic way.”


The Most Flexible Sharing Solution: Upload Screenshots, Recordings, Files — Literally Anything to Your Favorite Hosting Provider & Share It Safely with Anyone

Why trust a third party app to share files and screenshots when you can share them safely (and within the friendly confines of your favorite server) using Dropshare? Dropshare is a menu bar application used to upload files and screenshots to your own server, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 Cloud Files, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive or Dropbox. Additionally, Dropshare offers a file sharing provider called Dropshare Cloud, which allows you to start uploading in just minutes. Sharing files with friends, customers, colleagues or anyone else has never been so easy, safe, and professional!

  • Upload everything — files, folders, text or screenshots —to your selected destination from your clipboard or other applications like Safari
  • Share & annotate screenshots: set up your own keyboard shortcuts for fullscreen or selection-based screenshots that’ll be uploaded automatically with Dropshare
  • Set up a custom keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot & annotating it afterwards with Dropshare itself or an app you already use
  • Screen Recordings: take & upload screen recordings directly with Dropshare, both fullscreen and selection-based recordings are available, as well as GIF conversion
  • Beautiful individual landing pages: choose from a number of free designs or craft an individual design on your own using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Dropshare Sync: synchronize your upload history across all your devices, supports both iOS and macOS
  • Choose your URL shortener: Dropshare supports URL shorteners as well, e.g. dsh.re or Rebrandly, or configure your very own URL shortener service like bit.ly or YOURLS
  • Supports multiple connections: you can set up different upload destinations at the same time and switch between them using user-defined keyboard shortcuts, or by holding ⌘ while dragging & dropping a file

ActiveDock: Lifetime License

The Powerful Alternative to Apple’s macOS Dock: Quickly Switch Between Apps & Windows Directly from the Dock

Apple has a reputation for creating products that are sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly…except when it comes to the dock on their Mac computers. Thankfully, there’s ActiveDock, an improved dock for macOS that opens up a world of new possibilities for your Mac. While ActiveDock looks and behaves like the Mac dock, it’s loaded with tons of features. You can easily group documents and apps, rapidly switch between apps and windows, manage windows right from the Window Previews panel, and more.

  • Use Window Preview to quickly find the window you need, place it wherever & switch to it
  • Use Groups & Folders to organize elements by topics and reduce clutter
  • Keep your most important files at the ready w/ the Folders View feature
  • Make your dock unique w/ custom icon sets & themes
  • Easily hide or exclude app icons from the dock


  • Apple World Today: ★★★★★

What’s the Difference Between a Standard & Lifetime License?

Great question! A Standard License issues full access to the app and all minor updates for life. Minor updates usually include fixes to bugs that surface post-launch. As you know, when an app gets a major update (and advances to the next version e.g. V2, V3, V4), older versions often grow obsolete. Perhaps it no longer works properly with your new computer or OS, or maybe you’re simply missing out on serious improvements and experiencing some major FOMO.

That’s why a Lifetime License is so appealing. You’ll get a lifetime of major updates, and inevitably a world of new features that are beyond our current imagination. Many of our Lifetime License options are exclusive offers, at the web’s best prices.

Folx Pro Download & Torrent Manager

Speed up Your Downloads & Easily Search Torrents with This Powerful Download Manager

Meet Folx Pro, a download manager and torrent client for Mac that’s going to change the way you download your content online. With Folx Pro, you can increase and control your download speeds, search for torrents, resume interrupted downloads automatically, and much more. Its efficient management system lets you tag downloaded files to make searching through them much easier. Plus, Folx lets you schedule downloads and even split them up into up to 20 different threads for dramatically faster download speeds.

As seen on LifeHacker & Cult of Mac!

  • Search through an extensive list of torrents at once without leaving the Folx interface
  • Speed up your downloads by splitting them up into up to 20 threads
  • Achieve optimal traffic allocation w/ the speed control feature
  • Schedule your downloads to run at the most convenient time
  • Send your downloaded music & videos to iTunes automatically
  • Seamlessly download YouTube videos in desired quality

Chronicle Pro

Never Forget a Bill & Plan for the Future! Chronicle Is the Easy Way to Manage Your Bills

Chronicle reminds you to pay your bills with convenient pop up notifications before they are due. Plus, it shows you your upcoming bills conveniently right in your menu bar and on a notification center widget. With the available iOS version, you can also have your bills on your iPhone or iPad wherever you go.

  • Forecast View previews your upcoming bills for months in advance, and estimates amounts due based on payment history, type of bill & time of year
  • For bills that repeat rarely (like car registrations), Chronicle calculates how much you need to set aside each month so you won’t be caught short
  • Keeps track of your payment history, so you can track your spending over time & monitor it for unexpected bill increases
  • Helps you understand how much you spend seasonally, so you can better plan for things like utility payments or credit card bills
  • Pay bills & log payments quickly, without ever leaving the app
  • Save confirmation numbers & attach PDF receipts of your payments, so you’ll always have the proof you need if there is a dispute about whether or not you paid a bill

MacPilot 10

Unlock Over 1,000 Features on Your Mac & Optimize Your Experience

With the power of UNIX and the simplicity of Macintosh, you Mac is high-tech wellspring of untapped power! Use MacPilot to unlock over 1,200 features and access them all with the easy and familiar Macintosh user interface—no command line tools or complicated file operations required! With MacPilot, you can display hidden files in Finder, disable the startup chime, add spacers and stacks to the Dock, change the screenshot file format, run maintenance tools, and so much more. With MacPIlot, you can step out of the passenger seat of your Mac, get behind the wheel, and take real control over your computer.

  • Unlock over 1,000 features to tweak your Mac & optimize your experience
  • Toggle animations, show the Quit menu, show the file path in the window titlebar & use your screensaver as the desktop
  • Customize the dock by adding spacers & smart stacks/menus
  • Access a beautiful system profile that outlines advanced system information
  • Optimize & repair your system by running common maintenance scripts such as cron, launch services, and prebinding
  • See everything from the graphics card & RAM bus speeds to the system serial number
  • View a complete list of network ports, error codes & key combos

The Complete Web Developer Bundle

From 3D Games to Slack Clones, Build Mobile & Desktop Apps with 150+ Hours of Coursework from a Top Coding Authority

You’re already savvy with Mac apps, why not learn how to make your own? Jam-packed with more than 150 hours of content, this 10-course bundle will walk you through the tools, skills, and techniques you need to know to start creating your own Mac, iOS, and even Android apps. You’ll get up to speed with key coding languages, like HTML, CSS, and Python, and walk through completing a number of hands-on projects, like your very own Uber clone!

  • Access 635 lectures & 167 hours of content 24/7
  • Dive into developing apps for Mac, iOS & Android
  • Explore tools like Firebase, Firestore & Unity
  • Deepen your understanding of programming staples, like Python & HTML
  • Refine your skills by walking through several hands-on programming projects

The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver: Protect Your Privacy, Run Windows Apps, & Ignite the Power of Your Mac w/ This Legendary Bundle – Just $29.99