Apple Music Debuts ‘New Music Daily’ Curated Playlist

Apple Music Debuts ‘New Music Daily’ Curated Playlist

Apple Music on Friday unveiled a new curated playlist called “New Music Daily.” The new playlist is updated daily with fresh songs, and replaces the “Best of the Week” playlist.

Apple describes the list as “new music you simply can’t miss” which includes music from a broad range of genres.

New Music Daily (formerly known as Best of the Week) is our home for the latest must-hear songs. Think of it like the playlist that never sleeps, updated every day with new music you simply can’t miss. When the most important artists—from across the world and across genres—have something new to drop, this will be the place to find it first. Kicking things off: “The Man,” a fierce cut from Taylor Swift’s just-released album, Lover, that sends up the patriarchy and its double standards. While powerful men are celebrated for dating around and expressing emotion, Taylor sings, women are cut down and forced to defend their successes. And she’s had enough: “I’m so sick of them coming at me again/’Cause if I was a man/Then I’d be the man.” Add this song to your library now and subscribe to this playlist to stay up on the latest and greatest new music.

Today’s mix here in the U.S. includes 84 songs, with tracks from numerous popular artists, including Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Missy Elliot, Baby Rose, The 1975, and many more. The New Music Daily playlist is regionalized, so users in other parts of the world will see a different selection of songs and artists.

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