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Netflix Testing Human-Curated ‘Collections’ Feature

Netflix Testing Human-Curated ‘Collections’ Feature

Netflix is reportedly testing a new human-curated feature on their iOS app called “Collections” which features movies and television shows the user might be interested in viewing.

TechCrunch reports the content is curated by experts on its creative teams. Categories are sorted by genre, tone, story line, and character traits. The Collections option appears at the top-right of the Netflix app’s homepage.

Collections include “Let’s Keep It Light,” “Dark & Devious TV Shows,” “Prizewinning Movie Picks,” “Watch, Gasp, Repeat,” and “Women Who Rule the Screen.”

The new Collections feature was first spotted by Jeff Higgins, who tweeted some screenshots of the addition.

Collections can be followed from the main screen, or users can tap into it to further explore its titles. When tapping into a collection, it smoothly expands to show the thumbnails of the suggested titles below a header explaining the collection. If a collection interests you, tapping a Follow button will deliver updates when new content is added to the collection.

Netflix told TechCrunch:

“We’re always looking for new ways to connect our fans with titles we think they’ll love, so we’re testing out a new way to curate Netflix titles into collections on the Netflix iOS app. Our tests generally vary in how long they run for and in which countries they run in, and they may or may not become permanent features on our service.”

As is usual with Netflix tests like this, you may or may not see this feature on your iOS device. We also don’t know if or when the feature will rollout on a wide basis on all platforms.