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Alleged iPad Pro ‘Final Design Mockup’ Shows Triple-Lens Camera Setup

Alleged iPad Pro ‘Final Design Mockup’ Shows Triple-Lens Camera Setup

A new leak today shows an alleged “final design mockup” of a new iPad Pro that shows a triple-camera system similar to that of the recently debuted iPhone 11 Pro.

Well-known tech leaker and blogger Sonny Dickson has posted an image of what the author says is a “final design mockup” of Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro. The image comes from a source that has been “repeatedly reliable about previous iPad hardware.” The photo shows a triple-lens camera array housed in a now-familiar square bump in the rear top-left corner of the device.

Image via SonnyDickson.com

The post’s author, J Glenn Künzler, writes that while the camera bump lacks the glass surface covering found on the iPhone 11 Pro phones, it could indicate something unique about the iPad Pro’s new camera hardware or that it’s “just a minor omission in a device intended to showcase the final physical form of the device remains to be seen.”

Dickson has a decent record related to early information about previous Apple products, both produced and cancelled. Dickson was early to post about issues Apple was experiencing in getting the AirPower charging pad ready for market. The wireless charging mat was eventually cancelled.

Dickson recently claimed that while the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro includes the hardware required for bilateral charging, it has been disabled in software. We’re still waiting for device teardowns to confirm that claim.

While shooting photos and video using the iPad is usually frowned on, at least socially, due to its size, Künzler argues the iPad Pro triple-lens shooter may be an indication that Apple wants to enable video professionals to shoot and edit 4K video all on one device.

As always, reports like this should be taken with a grain of your favorite low-sodium seasoning. We won’t know anything for sure about a new iPad Pro and its features until Apple makes an official announcement, which is widely expected sometime around October.