Apple Posts New ‘Privacy on iPhone’ Ad – ‘Simple as That’

Apple Posts New ‘Privacy on iPhone’ Ad – ‘Simple as That’

Apple on Friday posted a new ad in its “Privacy on iPhone” ad on its YouTube channel. “Simple as That” highlights the company’s strong customer privacy offerings.

The spot opens with a flyover of a city, before zooming into an apartment where a girl is using her iPhone 11 Pro Max. Meanwhile a voiceover talks about the importance of privacy.

“Right now, there is more private information on your phone than in your home. Think about that. So many details about your life right in your pocket. This makes privacy more important now than ever.

“Your location, your messages, your heart rate after a run. These are private things. Personal things. And they should belong to you. Simple as that.”

The video ends with the tagline “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

In the video’s description, Apple discusses how straightforward privacy should be.

“We believe your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, straightforward, and understood.”

The video is the latest in a series of several privacy-focuses videos in their “Privacy on iPhone” series. Apple has long promoted the belief the privacy is a fundamental human right, and as a company it works to minimize customer data collection.