Official Twitch App Now Available on Apple TV

Official Twitch App Now Available on Apple TV

The much-anticipated official Twitch app for Apple TV is now a reality. Gaming fans can now watch their favorite gamers on their big screen. The live game-streaming service has long been available on both iOS and Mac, and testing of an official Apple TV app has been in process over the last month.

Twitch fans will find the new Apple TV app offers the same features found in the iOS and Mac apps. Users will be able to watch live streams, clips, and video on demand, and chat with gamers around the world.

In addition to video games, the Twitch service offers a number of other broadcasts. including live Thursday Night NFL Games, so the service also offers content for non-gamers.

The Apple TV app is currently rolling out, so if it isn’t available to your box yet, be patient. You can also make sure the iOS app is installed on your iPhone or iPad and turn on “Automatically Install Apps” in the “Apps” menu of the Settings app, and the Twitch app will install when available..

The Twitch app for Apple TV is free, and is available in the tvOS App Store.