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160,000 Apple Designed and Created Face Shields Delivered to Los Angeles

160,000 Apple Designed and Created Face Shields Delivered to Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles announced on Friday that it received 160,000 Apple-designed and created face shields. The shields were delivered to Logistics Victory Los Angeles, a city effort that matches suppliers of personal protective equipment to organizations that require them.

The shields are the product of a broader Apple initiative designed to help organizations battling the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Apple announced earlier this month that it was launching a “company-wide effort” to design and produce face shields to equip medical personnel and others on the front lines of the coronavirus response.

“Los Angeles thanks Apple for this generous donation of face shields that are critical to frontline health care workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles and, since March, LA’s chief logistics officer.

Apple earlier this month delivered its first batch of face shields to Kaiser medical facilities in the Santa Clara Vally area, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said initial feedback was “very positive.”

Cook said the adjustable face shields take under two minutes to assemble. The shields can be packed flat, allowing 100 to fit in a single box. While shipments will initially be sent to medical facilities in the United States, Apple has plans to expand the distribution to a global level at a later date.

printable PDF  version of the instruction sheet that comes in the box with the shields is also available for download and printing on a dedicated support page for healthcare employees which includes instructions on assembly, use, and cleaning.

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