Apple Maps to Soon Directly Display COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple Maps to Soon Directly Display COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple Maps will soon directly display COVID-19 testing locations in a user’s area, alongside specific information about the site.

Apple on Saturday launched an online portal for healthcare providers, labs, or other businesses, to register as COVID-19 testing locations. The Apple Maps team will then review the application, and if it is approved, the submitted location will appear in Apple Maps. The new feature appears to be available internationally

While the process will be familiar to any business that has submitted an application to be added to Apple Maps, the new service is for information specific to COVID-19 testing sites.

Once approved, testing locations will appear with a red medical glyph icon and a unique “COVID-19 Testing Site” card. ‌The Apple Maps‌ app will display the testing location’s name, associated healthcare provider, contact number and website, as well as information about the type of testing location. Applicants will also be asked to indicate whether the testing location requires a doctor’s referral or a scheduled appointment.

Apple doesn’t indicate exactly when testing locations will begin to appear in their Maps app but says it is working quickly to verify and add as many testing locations as possible.

To add your COVID-19 testing location, visit the Apple website.

(Via MacRumors)