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Gurman: ‘Substantial’ iMac Refresh, New Apple TV, Smaller HomePod, More on the Way This Year

Gurman: ‘Substantial’ iMac Refresh, New Apple TV, Smaller HomePod, More on the Way This Year

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman recently took questions from followers on Periscope about Apple’s upcoming products. The well-connected journalist shared his expectations of Apple in the coming months.

As you might expect, many viewers asked him about the “iPhone 12.” Apple’s 5G-capable smartphone lineup which should debut this fall. The new handset is expected to be available in three different sizes, a 5.4-inch ‌‌iPhone‌‌, a 6.7-inch ‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌, and two 6.1-inch iPhones. Two of the models are expected to be high-end “Pro” models, while the others will be successors to the current iPhone 11.

Gurman expects Apple to equip the two higher-end models with LiDAR camera, similar to the one on the latest iPad Pro. He also says it could be possible that will see faster 120Hz Pro Motion displays being exclusive to these two devices.

Gurman repeated previous claims that the new iPhone 12 will resemble the iPad Pro. with a flat screen and flat stainless steel edges. Gurman says Apple will move the TrueDepth camera’s ambient light and proximity sensors together within the notch and the speaker will be built directly into the bezel.

Gurman also believes we’ll see a “substantial” iMac refresh this year, and says we may see a 23-iMac. Meanwhile, an upcoming 14-inch MacBook Pro will boast design similarities with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, including an increased screen size and scissor-switch keyboard. Gurman says to “stay tuned” for more info on possible ARM-based Macs.

A smaller, cheaper HomePod is on the way, and Gurman claims there is a dedicated team at Apple put together to “save” the HomePod.

A new Apple TV is on the way, but it will not be 8K capable. The Apple Watch Series 6 will support sleep tracking. Gurman also says Apple hasn’t given up on creating a viable AirPower charging device.

Gurman expects the AirTags, which are expected to debut later this year will be pitched as a premium product and may include a leather case.

Modular high-end over-the-ear Apple headphones are still expected to debut this fall.

As for under-screen fingerprint tech for the iPhone, Gurman doesn’t see that coming this year, and he also doesn’t believe the rumors about Xcode coming for iOS.

(Via MacRumors)