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First Wave of Apple Employees to Return to Apple Park on June 15

First Wave of Apple Employees to Return to Apple Park on June 15

The first wave of Apple employees will begin returning to the company’s Silicon Valley campuses beginning June 15. Apple informed employees of the move in a memo sent out this week.

Bloomberg reports that employees have been told that the first phase of the return will be “very limited” and people will be allowed onto the campus only on select days, depending on their job.

While some Apple employees, including hardware and software engineers, began returning to Apple Park in May, but the new multi-phase plan will see additional employees returning to the location, A second plan is set to begin in July, although those plans are said to be fluid and could change based on the status of local and state stay-at-home orders at that time.

Returning employees are given the option to take a coronavirus nasal-swab test, although temperature checks are mandatory. There will be a limit placed on how many people are allowed to be in buildings and other work areas simultaneously. Many of the company’s break room kitchens have been closed, and employees are prompted to wear masks via posted signs.

Apple Park’s open workspaces where employees worked in close proximity will prove to be a challenge, as the company will need to make changes to bring the rest of its workforce back to the campus. Some employees will continue to work from home.

Apple employees’ return to the office is happening earlier than many other major tech companies. Facebook and Google plan to have most of their employees work from home through the end of the year. Meanwhile, Amazon office workers will work from home through early October, and Twitter says employees can continue to work from home permanently if they so desire.