Leaker @L0vetodream Suggests MicroLED Apple Watch Not Coming This Year

Leaker @L0vetodream Suggests MicroLED Apple Watch Not Coming This Year

The Apple Watch Series 6 will continue to use the same OLED screen used by previous models, suggests Twitter leaker @L0vetodream.

The Twitter account, who posts leaks prefaced with “in my dream,” on Sunday claimed the Series 6 “will continue [to] use the display from JDI.”

Apple is reportedly designing and producing test samples of displays that use MicroLED at a secret manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California. The technology can result in devices that are slimmer, brighter, and conserve power.

New screen technologies have traditionally been used in the Apple Watch first before it is rolled out to the iPhone. When the Apple Watch first debuted in 2014, it boasted an OLED screen. The technology was first used in an iPhone when the iPhone X premiered three years later.

Apple has reportedly been testing Apple Watch models with MicroLED screens since 2017, and recent rumors have suggested an Apple Watch with a microLED display could debut as soon as this year.

The anonymous @L0vetodream Twitter account has made accurate predictions in the past, revealing several details about the new iPhone SE, and new iPad Pro models.