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Scotland’s Contact Tracing App Debuts – Uses Apple/Google Exposure Notification API

Scotland’s Contact Tracing App Debuts – Uses Apple/Google Exposure Notification API

Scotland has released its “Protect Scotland” COVID-19 contact tracing app, and it uses Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification API. The app is now available in the App Store.

Help Scotland keep the spread of coronavirus under control by downloading and using the free Protect Scotland app from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect service.

Using the app is entirely voluntary. When you use the app, you will be alerted if you have been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive for coronavirus. If you test positive and you enter the unique code sent to you into the app, it will anonymously warn other app users whom you have been in close contact with.

Using Bluetooth, the app will search for other devices with the Protect Scotland app installed, which are within 2m of your phone. You don’t need to have a WiFi connection. The app uses a very small amount of your mobile phone data.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do so too. The more people who download and use the Protect Scotland app, the more likely we are to keep coronavirus under control. . The benefits of using the app are: Speeds up the process of identifying and notifying people that have been at risk of catching coronavirus, particularly of unknown contacts Slows the spread of the virus. Reduces the likelihood of further lockdowns. Helps protect the health service, your family and friends, yourself and the people of Scotland

Ultimately, you can help to stop the spread of coronavirus in Scotland by downloading and using the Protect Scotland app.

Privacy and Data

The Protect Scotland app is designed to protect the privacy of all users. It doesn’t store or share any personally identifiable information, like your name or address. Nobody can track your location by using the app or tell who you are.

You can remove the app from your device at any time, and all the data stored on your phone will be deleted.

The app was developed by NHS Scotland and uses the exposure notification technology jointly developed by Apple and Google. Other countries that have used the API or that have committed to using it include Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia.

The API allows iPhone and Android smartphones to communicate with each other for contact tracing purposes only. If a user has been near someone that later tests positive for COVID-19, they will receive a notification, allowing them to take the proper steps to self isolate and seek medical help if needed.

As of iOS 13.7, iPhones will offer a new Exposure Notification‌ section in the Settings app where there’s a toggle to “Turn on Exposure Notifications.”

Once you’ve activated the feature, it lets you know if the feature is available in your country, state, or region via a contact tracing app. In areas that are participating in the Exposure Notifications Express program, users will be able to turn on Exposure Notifications without the need to download an app.