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New iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Owners Begin Sharing First Impressions

New iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Owners Begin Sharing First Impressions

It is Friday, October 23 in Australia and New Zealand, and that means customers that had pre-ordered an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro have begun receiving their new handsets.

The first impressions from those lucky iPhone buyers are now beginning to roll in. These initial opinions should come in handy for iPhone users that are trying to decide whether or not to make their own iPhone 12 purchase.

Redditor facialspecialist who had been considering the iPhone 12 mini but instead opted for the new Pro (in Pacific Blue) Says he’s glad that he went for the Pro because the squared-off shape makes the iPhone 12 more compact. He also noted that the shiny edges of the new device attract a lot of fingerprints.

Redditor zzzman82 also chimed in with some first impressions and shared a few pics:

  • Coming from an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I am already loving the lighter weight

  • The pacific blue colour is beautiful. It’s a cross between midnight green and space grey with a touch of teal. You get different colours in different lighting conditions

  • The squared off edges make it really nice to hold and it’s less slippery compared to the curved edges of the last few years

  • Can’t tell the difference in the photos being taken compared to the 11PM. But then I’m no photographer

  • Match made in heaven when paired with the plum silicone case, but it doesn’t magically attach easily like they showed in the event.

  • MagSafe works as intended and the magnet attachment is quite strong I’ll watch out for the indent or ring on the back of the case shown by other users

  • Still setting up my eSIM with my provider so will report back with 5G speeds once that’s done

  • identical settings to the 11PM but the 12P screen is noticeably warmer with a yellow tint.

Twitter user Kewal said the new iPhone 12 Pro feels lighter than the iPhone XS and appears to have a warmer display tint. Kewal shared other first impressions.

We hope our readers will share their first impressions of their new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro in the discussion forum or send email and photos to Chris(at)MacTrast.com.