Review: Tribit StormBox Micro – A Small Water-Resistant Speaker With Surprisingly Big Sound

Review: Tribit StormBox Micro – A Small Water-Resistant Speaker With Surprisingly Big Sound

The Tribit StormBox Micro is an ultra-portable water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that offers big sound in a small, easy to carry package. The StormBox Micro is easy to bring along no matter what your favorite activity and its long-lasting battery will make it through most folk’s active days.

Tribit StormBox Micro Overview

I don’t expect much out of small speakers. I’ve learned to accept that any ultra-portable speaker that I can tote along with me during the day will offer at best, acceptable sound, and will give me 5 or so hours of music or podcast playback.

StormBox Micro

So, when I was asked to review the Tribit StormBox Micro, I wasn’t expecting much. Let’s just say I was quite pleasantly surprised when I played my first song through this mighty mite.

The StormBox Micro measures in at just under 3.9-inches by 3.9-inches by 1.4-inches and weighs in at 10.2 ounces, making it extremely portable. (The photo below may give you an idea of its size.) The speaker is easy to carry in the palm of my hand (I guess I have average-sized paws) or in a pants pocket, depending on how tight you like your pants.

StormBox Micro

It also includes a flexible tear-resistant strap, allowing you to strap it to your belt, purse or backpack strap, or bike handlebars. I mostly used the speaker while I was in my office or working around my house, and found that it lays on its back just fine, and didn’t rattle like some small speakers, even when I had the music cranked way up.

Speaking of volume, the StormBox Micro can put out a surprising amount of sound, playing my favorite tunes with a nice amount of warmth, decent bass, and little to no distortion, no matter how loud I cranked it up. I was able to hear the speaker from anywhere in the apartment, as long as I kept the doors open.

While the 9W StormBox Micro won’t rattle the windows, I would venture to say that your neighbors may complain to the courtesy officer if you play your jams too loud late at night. Not that I would do that, officer. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I was able to keep my iPhone in my pocket as I walked around my approximately 1,200 sq. ft. apartment, and the speaker’s Bluetooth 5.0 connection stayed solid, no matter where I went in my home. Whenever I turned on the speaker, it almost immediately connected to my iPhone 11 Pro Max, with none of the usual fiddling around with settings that I’ve experienced with other Bluetooth speakers and other accessories.

StormBox Micro

The StormBox Micro has a Lithium-ion 3.7V 2600mAh battery that is rechargeable using the included USB-C cable. (No charger included, but don’t we all have enough of those lying around?) Tribit claims the battery will provide up to 8 hours of playback, and I believe it will give close to that for most users, depending on the volume of playback.

The speaker is both dustproof and IP67 waterproof, meaning you can use it in most conditions without worry too much about ruining it. I strapped it to my shower curtain rod and had no issues while I was splish-splash takin’ a bath. (Yes, I played that song, why wouldn’t I?)


The Tribit StormBox Micro is an excellent option for anyone who is looking to take along their music and favorite podcasts during an active day. The speaker isn’t a burden to tote around, and most people should be able to listen through an average day without keeping a USB-C charger handy.

I highly recommend the StormBox Micro to anyone that appreciates excellent sound in a small package. While I usually give away to friends any Bluetooth accessories that I review, my friends and family will not be getting their greedy paws on the StormBox Micro. Well, maybe my wife can use it, but that’s it.

I give the Tribit StormBox Micro a solid 4 ½ stars out of 5.


  • Good sound in a small package
  • Good battery life
  • Solid Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fits in most pants pockets
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Only available in black and orange
  • No charger in the box

The Tribit StormBox Micro has a suggested retail price of $49.99 (USD) and is available both on Amazon and the Tribit website. (At the time of this review, there is a 20% off coupon available on Amazon.)

Disclosure: This product has been supplied at no cost for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not paid by the manufacturer for the review. Photos may be courtesy of the manufacturer.