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Apple Working on a Fix for iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Problem

Apple Working on a Fix for iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Problem

Apple support says that the company is working on a fix for the iPhone 12 wireless charging problem some iPhone owners are seeing when using Qi-certified chargers.

9to5Mac scribe Ben Lovejoy described the problem in an early iPhone 12 Diary piece:

When the phone arrived, it charged happily on all three of my Choetech chargers. On Saturday, I realized it hadn’t charged overnight, and now wasn’t interested in charging on that stand. It still charged on the other two.

Later in the day, it stopped charging on a second one. Then when I tried the third, it had stopped charging on that too! 

I tried all three with and without the case, without any difference. So now it doesn’t wirelessly charge at all on any of my chargers. 

Lovejoy researched the issue and found that other iPhone 12 owners were also experiencing the issue and that it occurred when using a wide variety of charging pads and stands.

While restarting the phone fixes the issue temporarily, it usually returns in a day or two. Lovejoy says that for while it appeared that an iOS beta seed cured the issue, but the problem simply takes longer to rear its ugly head.

Luckily, a 9to5Mac reader was told in an online support chat seen by us that the company is aware of it and is working to resolve it.

Reader: What is the issue with the iPhone 12 Pro Max charging? One day it will charge wirelessly ok, the next day it won’t. After hard reboot, it will charge. On your Apple forums, 700 people have same issue.

Apple: Ok, I do understand your concern We are working on this and it will be resolved in upcoming days.

Reader: So Apple knows that this is an issue?

Apple: Yes we have been going through the issues which customers are facing […] It will be resolved soon.

It appears the issue will be fixed in an upcoming iOS update.