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Signed Memorabilia Now Available From “Forgotten” Apple Co-Founder Ronald G. Wayne

Signed Memorabilia Now Available From “Forgotten” Apple Co-Founder Ronald G. Wayne

The third “forgotten” co-founder of Apple, Ronald G. Wayne is now making available signed replicas of various memorabilia of important documents and illustrations from the early days of Apple.

Signed replicas of the original Apple Computer Company contract, Apple-1 Operation Manual, the early “Newton” Apple Computer Company logo, and Ron’s autobiography “Adventures of an Apple Founder” are now available for purchase on Mr. Wayne’s official website.

On April 1st, 1976, Ronald G. Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs signed the contract agreement that formed the Apple Computer Company, later re-formed as “Apple Computer, Inc.”

The following day, April 2, Mr. Wayne created the “Apple-1 Operation Manual” in which he typed out the computer’s operating instructions in detail. The manual included hand-drawn illustrations, also created by Mr. Wayne.

Wayne also drew the Apple Computer Company’s iconic, if short-lived, unofficial logo.

“It was a truly whimsical expression, that work,” says Ron. “Newton, sitting under an apple tree, at the start of something that would go on to change the world. I wanted to capture that feeling.” 12 days later, Ron would remove himself from the company, which would go on to be re-formed as “Apple Computer, Inc” without his involvement.

Official merchandise bearing the 44-year-old work of art, personally sanctioned by Ronald Wayne, is available. Items include coffee mugs, pillows, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, stickers, and more

Available Items Include:

Other Apple “Newton” Logo Items Include:

  • Beach Bag: $35.00
  • Biodegradable Phone Case: $21.50
  • Bubble-Free Stickers: $3 to $3.50, Depending on Size
  • Framed Poster: $26.00
  • Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt: $26.50
  • Your New Favorite Mug: $11.00
  • Your New Favorite Pillow: $26.50

I ordered the Apple “Newton” Logo Print last week, and I received the print yesterday. The package included my Newton print, signed by Mr. Wayne, and a certificate of authenticity on the back of the print, as well as a short letter thanking me for my purchase. All-in-all I’d say it was well worth $25 to have a signed piece of Apple-related history hanging on my wall.

Ron Wayne has spent the later years of his life researching and writing about socioeconomics and the nature (and dangers) of fiat money. A Kickstarter campaign for his next work “Counterfeit Trust & the Nature of Money” will be launching soon and will include new, never-before seen personalized Ronald G. Wayne memorabilia.