Satechi Announces Four New USB-C Keyboards, iPad Stand

Satechi Announces Four New USB-C Keyboards, iPad Stand

Satechi today announced the launch of four new backlit USB-C keyboards, as well as a new iPad stand. The new keyboards include the Slim X1 Bluetooth Keyboard, the Slim X1 Wired Keyboard, the Slim X3 Bluetooth Keyboard, and the Slim X3 Wired Keyboard.

Satechi is also launching a new, redesigned version of its tablet stand, the Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad.

The Slim X1 models are compact and portable but lack a numeric keypad, while the Slim X3 models are full-sized and include a numeric keypad. Both models come in both wired and wireless versions.

Both keyboard models offer an aluminum finish. The keyboards’ built-in hot keys work across Mac and iOS devices, and multi-device Bluetooth functionality is included for fast device switching.

The backlit keyboard offers 10 adjustable brightness levels. The Bluetooth models charge over USB-C and can be used while charging. The wired models connect using USB-C.

Satechi today also announced the Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad, which is designed to complement and work with the new keyboards. The stand can elevate tablets to an optimal viewing level with an adjustable 180-degree mount and a 135-degree base hinge.

The stand is available in space gray aluminum, has protective grip padding, and collapses down so it can be used both at home and away.

The ​Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard and larger ​Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard are available for purchase from the Satechi website starting today, while the wired models will be available in late January. Pricing starts at $60.

The Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad is now available from the Satechi website for $44.99.

Customers can purchase the new keyboards and iPad stand, along with all other Satechi products for 20% off, using code “WFH20” at checkout from now until January 10.