How To Turn On Lost Mode on an AirTag

How To Turn On Lost Mode on an AirTag

You’ve lost an item with an AirTag attached and you can’t find it on the map in the Find My app. Or, it’s lost in an area that you can’t access, say in a foreign country. What do you do? You turn on lost mode.

How to use Lost Mode on iPhone

  1. Open the Find My app
  2. Tap on Items in the bottom menu bar
  3. Find the entry for your lost item and tap it
  4. Swipe up to show the complete information about the item
  5. Under Lost Mode, tap on Enable
  6. Then tap Continue
  7. Enter a phone number that the finder can use to reach you if the AirTag is found
  8. If the Message section allows you to, write a personal message
  9. Tap Next
  10. On the summary screen that appears, if the option is available, tap to turn on Notify When Found
  11. Now tap Activate

Once you set up Lost Mode, now you wait. Hopefully, someone will find it and will know what to do when they do find it.

Once the AirTag has been found turn off Lost Mode.

(Via AppleInsider)