Apple Cracks Down on Chinese Leakers

Apple Cracks Down on Chinese Leakers

Apple has begun sending letters to Chinese leakers demanding that they stop revealing details of future products, and warning of legal action if they don’t. Leakers Kang and Duan Rui both say that Apple has sent letters to them demanding they stop publishing leaks.

Social media posts from the leakers say Apple’s letters demand that the leakers can’t disclose information about unreleased products since this may mislead potential customers, and give competitors an advantage. The Cupertino firm has also demanded that the leakers stop posting any images or calling their posts dreams or riddles since these are still seen as leaks.

A Kang Weibo post says the letter from Apple says the firm will not tolerate leaks of any kind. Kang was presented with screenshots of his Weibo account posts showing release dates and purchase suggestions as evidence.

Kang warns other bloggers that Apple will be monitoring posts about unreleased products and says such posts could be seen as “infringement and abuse of commercial information.” As for Kang, he says that as a result, he “won’t post riddles and dreams in the future.”

So far no one has seen a copy of the letter that is allegedly being sent to known leakers, and all information so far is from translated social media posts.