iOS 15 Users Report AirTags Missing From Find My App Following Upgrade

iOS 15 Users Report AirTags Missing From Find My App Following Upgrade

Some users are reporting that their AirTags are no longer in the Find My app after updating to iOS 15. An apparent bug in iOS 15 appears to remove the AirTag or make it unable to appear within the Find My app.

Some users report are reporting success in re-adding the AirTag after performing a factory reset on the device.

AirTag owners should go into their Find My app and ensure the AirTags still appear there. Any AirTag that is missing will need a factory reset to be re-added to Find My.

How to Reset an AirTag

  1. Open the AirTag by pressing firmly on the silver-colored back cover
  2. With your finger still pressed down, rotate the cover counter-clockwise
  3. The cover will turn at least a third of the way around before it’s loose enough to remove
  4. Remove off the cover
  5. Remove the battery
  6. Place the cover to one side
  7. Replace the battery and press down on it until you hear a chirping sound
  8. Immediately remove the battery again, wait one moment
  9. Replace the battery and again press until you hear another chirp
  10. Remove the battery
  11. Repeat this remove/replace/chirp for a total of five times
  12. After the fifth chirp, leave the battery in and get the cover
  13. You’ll see three tabs on that cover, and three slots on the AirTag
  14. Align them, press down, and keep pressing down until you hear another chirp
  15. Rotate the cover clockwise

(Thanks to AppleInsider for the above steps.)