Apple Releases 10M359 Firmware Update for Beats Studio Buds

Apple Releases 10M359 Firmware Update for Beats Studio Buds

Apple today released a firmware update for its Beats Studio Buds wireless earbuds, which debuted back in June. The firmware is version 10M359, up from the 9M6599 software. This is Apple’s internal numbering and after the update, the firmware version will show up as 1B56 in Settings.

While there is no way to manually force an update for the Beats software, the firmware is usually installed over-the-air when the earbuds are connected to an iOS device. If you put your Beats Studio Buds in the case and connect them to a power source and pairing them to an iPhone or iPad will likely cause an update to occur after a short while.

Beats Studio Buds were the first wirefree-no-earhooks Beat-branded earbuds similar in design to AirPods Pro and feature a stemless design.

As noted by MacRumors, When connecting the Beats Studio Buds to an ‌iPhone‌, there’s now a battery pop-up that displays the current battery life of both the earbuds and the case right on the Home screen, similar to how AirPods function.

A new volume customization option has also been added for the “b” button on the Studio Buds. It can be configured to control volume up/down using either the iOS Bluetooth menu or the Beats app for Android devices.